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About Us

The Knowledge Base of Rahavaran Ghomes Industries began its activities on the basis of design, engineering and engineering knowledge since 1989 with the design of Canveyor.
In the meantime, he began to design the manufacturing processes and, after gaining valuable experience, was able to design and construct industrial machinery in a different and scientific way.
Based on the experience and knowledge gained over the years, and knowledge of experienced engineers and strong executive staff in the field of material handling systems, the company has the ability to consult, design, build and run any kind of Material handling systems.
Many of the projects carried out by Rayavaran Company have been designed and built for the first time in Iran.
The company specifies the type of conveyor according to the customers' data for material transfer, including type and density of materials, angle, height, discharge point and discharge point, capacity or flow, temperature, humidity, atmospheric factors and other installation constraints. Than designing it with related software.
The company, Rahaharan Sanat Gomes, is hoping to be a step forward in the industry of our beloved country by treating the gods